Ambulance Care Assistant

Ambulance Care Assistant



At accidents and emergencies the ambulance men are in charge. They are the assistants of the emergency M.D., work under his responsibility. At the accident sites, they treat the injured people for shock, provide any other emergency procedure necessary and they diagnose their transport capability of the injured. They calm and comfort them, help them to cope with the accident trauma. During the transport to the hospital they carefully observe the injured as well as the instruments, the drip-feed etc. As they know their area of operation perfectly, they choose the quickest road to take them to hospital and they select the most adequate hospital for treating the injured. Minutes saved can help save lives! They have to work in all weathers, at all times (weekend, holidays) and must cope with various unpleasant sights and experiences. Calmness, good nerves/composure, teamwork and competence with medical and technical instruments and machines make a good ambulance person.


Entrants must be between 18–21 years old, pass an interview and several tests. Experience in some field of caring is appreciated.
Calmness, good nerves/composure, teamwork, power of concentration and observation, quick reactions, good constitution, decisiveness, alertness, sensitiveness, willingness to work shifts,


Courses; Ambulance Technician, Paramedic, Supervisor, Manager, Senior Manager


2–4 weeks in-house course
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