We spend a good part of our time indoors, in all sorts of buildings: apartment blocks, libraries, schools, shops and supermarkets, factories, administration buildings, etc. Architects plan and supervise the construction of such buildings. They work for civil or commercial construction companies, with whom they discuss all the necessary details, survey the building site, and then make a detailed proposal, also taking into consideration economic, ecological and socio-political aspects. Once they receive the approval of their plans they begin the design in detail. They provide the basic building plans and get tenders for the various building work, fix deadlines, find out the relevant building regulations that must be adhered to, and organise the construction of the building overall.


Creativity, drawing skills, pleasure in and ability at problem-solving, interest in buildings, styles, design and the environment.


Supervisor, lecturer, manager, professer, director of own company


Training lasts 7 years at least and includes 3 or 4 years at a school of architecture, followed by a year in an architect’s office and then a further 2 years to achieve a diploma or higher degree.
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