Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant



Beauty consultants sell cosmetics such as skin creams, make-up, hair preparations, perfumes, etc: they also advise the customers on how best to use them. If they work in a large store, a cosmetics company such as Revlon, Max Factor, etc would usually employ them. In a smaller store, they would be employed directly by the store and would sell the entire range of products stocked there. They use their experience to assess what would be the best products for the customer to use depending on their type of skin, face, hair condition and age. Sometimes they may demonstrate the use of the cosmetics on a model or a customer. If they work for a cosmetics company they are expected to use the company’s products and to wear the uniform provided for them.


Beauticians must enjoy dealing with people: they should have a pleasant personality and self-confidence. They should maintain a smart appearance, and be well groomed and made up using the company’s products. Good health and fitness are required, as the job entails long hours most of which are spent standing up.


Promotion is possible to senior consultant, supervisor or regional manager. Some beauticians can specialise in make-up demonstration, or arranging special promotions and sales campaigns.


There are no set entry requirements or age limits, but a good general education and a smart appearance, together with the non-obtrusive persistence required to be a good salesperson will be of assistance in obtaining a job. Certificate and diploma courses in beauty consultancy are offered at some colleges, and all cosmetic companies run training courses about their products for their consultants.
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