Travel Courier

Travel Courier



Travel couriers either accompany travellers or holidaymakers on their journeys or are resident at a holiday resort to welcome their guests when they arrive. The first sort of courier is known as a coach courier, who escorts parties on national or international coach trips, ensuring that everything runs smoothly: the other sort is known as a transfer courier, meeting guests at airports and guiding them through customs and to their hotels, usually in a coach provided by the holiday company; they are resident at the holiday resort in order to assist their guests with queries or any problems they may have whilst staying there.


Travel couriers must enjoy working with people, have a clear speaking voice and have good literacy and numeracy: knowledge of one or more foreign languages is required for those who work abroad. They should be capable and resourceful when helping people and solving problems such as finding lost luggage. They should have a pleasant demeanour at all times and have a neat and tidy appearance.


Promotion to supervisor is possible in a larger company, as is becoming a self-employed tourist guide in the UK. Moving to management or administration in a travel company is another route to promotion.


No formal educational requirements are necessary for this job, but a good general education is required together with knowledge of one or more foreign languages. Applicants should be healthy and fit, as the job entails work at irregular times and sometimes long hours. Experience working overseas is an advantage.
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